Do Your Towels Stink? Mine Don’t

Nearly 2 years ago I bought towels on clearance at Target. Here’ s part of the post here ::

So now my rant for why I am willing to buy cheap towels.  My towels always end up stinking.  Before when I had a top load washer I would add vinegar to take out that sour odor.   Well, I have front load now and you can’t do that.  I am sick of my towels stinking and I have decided that if I can find them cheap enough I need to throw them out when they are that bad.  You also have to remember I have teenagers so they get left wadded and wet.  Now the hard part is going to be throwing away my old towels.  I am so frugal I can barely part with them, but gag when I dry off.  So out they go and NO I won’t donate those nasty things. That’s just mean.

Here I am two years later, and they still look brand new and they are still super soft. I paid just $2.48 for each towel. I made sure to keep them away from my kids. And they don’t smell at all. I do NOT need to throw them out like I thought I might need too. I made sure to hang dry them and I did find a way to add vinegar to my load on occasions.

I guess we don’t need to spend a lot of money on towels or replace them for that matter. Well, actually, I am going to replace some more this year.

In case you don’t know the best times to shop Target, check out the Target Markdown Schedule and plan your trip accordingly.




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