I Like Food, Good Food

One of the places that I would hands down spend money on, and have, is fine dining. I like different food, creative food and lots of food. As we travel around to different places or even different restaurants here in town I try really hard to choose things that I wouldn’t normally make. By doing that I have learned what I like that I didn’t think I would, but it has also got me thinking…can I make that? And I have discovered that I can.

I will pay $50 – $100 for my husband and I to go out for a nice meal with wine or drinks. So the frugal me has decided that I can recreate those meals for a fraction of the cost. I still have a hard time purchasing some ingredients because they may cost a lot, but I have finally started doing just that. One of the things I do on a regular basis is I check the mark down meat at the grocery store. You can get it for half the price and you just need to use it that day or the next. By doing that I have discovered that I can purchases the beef tenderloin or the ribeye steaks and do some amazing glazes or sauces to served them with. My favorite so far is the Chocolate Balsamic Glaze over Beef Tenderloin topped with Blue Cheese. I get these recipes from the internet, because they are free or I have also learned that I don’t need to own every recipe book (even though I deep down think I do) and I also go to the library and start checking out cookbooks.

My favorite recipe websites right now are Allrecipes.com and bhg.com

I will share more later, but until then….