Easy, Filling, Inexpensive Dinner tonight

A few days ago I bought a Costco rotisserie chicken.  I like to have those because they are inexpensive, and you have to admit they taste great and they sure make for a super easy dinner.  The thing I like best is they are great for left overs. And nothing is better on a cold winter night than left over soup.

I got into my stocked pantry and pulled out a can of black beans, some frozen corn (canned would have worked too) and some salsa that needed to be used.  I took the whole chicken and put it in a pot with some water and a some chicken stock (that also needed to be used) and let it stew for almost an hour, like Grandma used to do. I pulled out the chicken, ever last piece fell off the bone by this point giving me all the chicken.  I added the corn, beans and salsa.  I didn’t quite like the flavor so added just a little bit of taco seasons and it was perfect.  For the toppings I had shredded cheese (bought a Tillamook Brick for $2.99), sour cream and chips.   Dinner was a hit with everyone tonight, and it was easy and affordable.   The best part….no real recipe needed.