Jeans??? Are some Really Better??

Ok, I have told you once and I will tell you again.  I am frugal, but will always check out other options.  Like a few years ago I finally gave myself permission to spend money on jeans.  Not just a little money I had decided I would spend $100 for a pair of jeans.  So the jeans that were big or at least in my mind that year were the Seven for all Mankind.  Now at Marshalls or TjMaxx these were $100 or even at the home shopping shows, but in the stores they were well over $150.  I kept looking at the styles and noticed that they were all pretty much the same as the jeans I had, that I had paid anywhere from $7-$40 for.  Then I had to ask myself is the denim better?  Really was it?  So I tried and just could not bring myself to spend that much.

Now my friend on the other hand went right down to Norstroms and paid $189 for her pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans.  They were too long, so she had to pay to have them hemmed.  Now they didn’t have the cool jean look at the bottom instead it was a altered.  Then she wore them a few times and they shrunk so much they were no longer long enough to wear. Oh I should tell you this was her second pair.  Her first pair ripped out in the crotch in about 6 months.

So I continue to buy 3 pairs or more to everyones one pair.  So if you are trying to save money don’t go out and buy the most expensive pair of jeans.  Instead shop around and get more than one pair and you will be set.

Interesting thing someone said the other day is that women don’t dress that way for men instead women dress for other women.  They are always trying to one up each other.  All I have to say to that is “you win”.


  1. Jamie Cottrell says

    You are so right! I’ll find Levi’s in my size and length at Freddy’s, but have to search around sometimes because I’m short. Anyway, my Levi’s last forever, they’re classic and never go out of style, and I try to buy them when Freddy’s has them on sale for $30 or less. Take that, 7 for All Mankind!