Old Navy

So I like to have lots of t-shirts, cami’s and layering shirts.  So therefore I go to Old Navy.  They have great prices and if we are all going to be honest here I like new ones every year because white ones get discolored so fast no matter what you do and how much you spend.

I frequent the store enough I have an Old Navy card.  Right now they have $10 coupons, with no minimum purchase amount, that they have sent in the mail to all card holders.  They have 3 of these $10 coupons each dated a different week.  So this was the first week it was available, so I dropped by today for my purchase.  Now they made it really easy for me because things are always marked well at Old Navy, but today they were marked especially well because of the shopping season.  So there were $10 signs everywhere.  I I just went from $10 rack to $10 rack until I found what I wanted.  I walked up with my $16.50 Pajama bottoms, on sale for $10, handed him my coupon and walked away without opening my wallet.  And yes, it is a Christmas present.

What will I get next week???