Save at Christmas?? Sure you can.

We are super fortunate that we don’t have to buy for a lot of extra family members.  I love this especially since we don’t live by family so once we would buy the gifts we would also have to ship them.  We as a family decided a long time ago that this is something we did not want to start, so it’s been nice.  Instead what I have done for my nieces and nephews is when they graduate High School I give them a big check because I have never sent them gifts.  It comes at a time they really need it.

Anyways, back to Christmas.  Some of you buy for everyone.  I mean everyone.  You buy for all the kids and you think you have finally got it narrowed down by at least exchanging names among the adults, but what if you went one step more. I had friends this year that actually decided to have the adults no longer exchange gifts.  What a relief this was.  Not only financially, but also what do you buy for Uncle Bob, he probably doesn’t even like the gifts you give him because heaven knows his gifts to you are useless and pointless.  One less thing to buy!  You may not be able to start that this year, but what a great thing to talk about this year and start implementing into next.  You know it would be a relief to you and proably to everyone else who would also like to shop a little less every Christmas.