Tis the Season

I think Christmas is a great time to think about how to save money. Ok I am sure that sentence totally confused you and made you think that I am totally crazy.  Well before you blow the idea off completely lets look at some ways you can actually save or cut back this year.

I know 2 people that spend around $1000 per child at Christmas.  I was stunned when I heard about the first one and floored that there are actually 2 families that I know that do this.  Wow, do our kids REALLY need that much stuff?  I know our kids don’t.  When we really had cut back a few years ago we started something new.  We have 2 kids.  Each kid gets a gift from Mom, Dad, sibling and Santa.  Plus we give them a Christmas Eve gift (usually something they need..pj’s or slippers or blankets).  This does 2 things.  It gives you a limit on what you buy, but then it also makes you really think about what you are going to buy.  You have just 4 things so lets make these things count.  No more walking through the isles as you enter a store and seeing the wooden tic tac toe game and thinking “They have to have this”.  Really, they don’t.  It’s dumb.

I will give you some more ideas later.  Even if they are too late to implement this year, they will be something that can be talked about this season in preparation for next year.