Couponing My Way

I go to these websites and they show me how to save and how to stack coupons and where to get the coupons and ……..I have to say it’s all still a little overwhelming.  I still try really hard to just focus on one main Drugstore and that’s Walgreens.  Many people have talked about how they can’t find employees’s that completely know all the rules or argue with them or get mad when they get so much for free.  But I have found quite the opposite.  I have found a lady in there that has taken me as her “project” you might say.  She tells me  the order to hand the coupons to her. She explains that I need to make sure I have 1 item per coupon (that’s why you need really cheap filler items.)  And she always tries my coupons even if she think they might not work.  She’s been great.  Even with all her help I still made a mistake last week.  I meant to by a $2.99 toothbrush that had a $1RR.  Instead I bought a $4.39 toothbrush with no RR’s, so needless to say I am taking that back this week.  I also did so poorly last week that all I have to work with this week is $2RR.  But that’s ok, it’s an adventure and I am still trying to figure it out.

I have worked on my list today.  What may take some 20 minutes to put together takes me nearly 1 hour.  Not sure why.  I look and dig and dig and look and make sure I have it all right.  My husband will be excited that the Altoids are on sale this week.  And here is another interesting thing to remember when shopping at Walgreens and using their coupons.  If it says 2/$5 you don’t have to buy 2 you can buy just one and pay $2.50.  So that is going to work well for me this week as I am buying Altoids for my husband.  As I continue on this adventure I am trying to stay true to myself and not buy things I won’t use or need.  I’m not going to lie, the Bayer monitors that people are making money on this month is looking pretty great, but I don’t need them and I don’t know anyone who would.  So I am not going to be purchasing them. Stay tuned I might change my mind in the future.

The other thing, as I shop all these great deals and sales, is I am going to try real hard to stick to my rule of no hydrogenated oil and no high fructose corn syrup in the foods I buy.  The days I do come home with these things my kids do get excited, but I try not to make it the norm.  I already feed them 2 much hydrogenated oil as they will only choose Jiff peanut butter.  They have been good sports and tried all the other kinds and even my husband said NO to anything but Jiff.

So if you want to see the list I am using for Walgreens this week go on over to I Heart WAGS and you can see the list there.  I like the way she lays it out.  It’s very easy to read and understand.  I will post things that are amazing on my blog, but for now, just look at her stuff.

Happy saving!!  Let me know what deals you score this week.


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