Albertson’s Quaker Sale

This sale is GREAT!  I don’t have a ton of coupons, so I kind of went out today to check it out and see what the stock was looking like and exactly what was included.  Some of you have gone onto and printed coupons for the fiber Quaker bars.  Those are for sure NOT part of this sale, and the coupon should not work since it’s specifies those types of bars.  I did have a $3/5 that I got in the Fred Meyer flier.  It went through without any problems.  So I will make my way back to Fred Meyer to get more of those coupon books.  The books expire at the end of the month, so they will get recycled if not used.  The Quaker Oatmeal Squares ended up costing me $.40 a box.  These are regularly priced at $4.99, although on sale for $1.60, which is a great price, but if you buy 5 they become $1 each.  If I didn’t have any coupons at all I would still stock up on these.  My family loves to snack on these, we do not eat them as cereal.  For my other coupons I am waiting until Sunday-Tuesday to purchase as there is a rumor that there will be double coupons in Sunday paper.  That will make my .40 coupons go a lot further.  They should double my $3 up to $1, so I might even try that first.

Let’s not leave out the Grape Nuts and the great price they are.  Again my husband and son love these.  Before coupons if I ever found these on sale for $2 a box I would load up because these are $4.39 a box, sometimes on sale for a $1 off.  If you buy 4 they are on sale for $1.50 a box and I had the $2/1 coupon from HERE, so I got them all for $1 each.  With this same coupon you can score 1 Free box of this cereal at K-mart this week, but with such a high value I decided to apply it to more than 1, and completely happy that I did.  I still have another one, so I will either get more at next trip or wait for another sale to happen.

Best part about both of the cereals and that neither one has hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup.  The Chewy bars on the other hand I think have some.  I will be in to check them out. I will get some, but if they do contain those things I won’t be purchasing a lot of them.

And not to forget, they gave me a free Slim Fast bar on the way out the door.


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