Aquariva in Portland, Oregon

Any great dining experience is worth every penny to me.  I love to take it all in, the atmosphere, the menu, and the company.  I like to know what everything is, and if I don’t know I have a million questions for the server, and last night at Aquariva was no exception.  This restaurant sits on the river in Portland, and it also has great outside seating, for the summer months of course.  The menu consisted of small plates, salads, pastas and main dishes.  And off to the side was all the specials of the night.  I really wanted the salad with Grilled Figs, how yummy does that sound?  But figs are now out of season, so they had replaced them.  Disappointed?  Yes, but that’s what I love about great local restaurants.  They use fresh local produce, not like these chain restaurants that have the same stuff all the time no matter what the season.  We ended up getting an Arugula salad, I got Lasagna with short ribs, oxtail and chanterelle mushrooms.  I can’t even explain the festival of flavors going on in my mouth with each bite.  My husband order a NY Strip steak that was amazing and he also had a very nice glass of Pinot Noir from Dundee Hills with his meal.

The reason we chose to try this restaurant is because we had our gift certificate (GC) from  I had paid $2 for a $25 GC, and the only catch was we had to spend $35 to redeem it.  Of course that was easy here.  So our meal should have been $65, but we only paid $40, and I have to say my favorite part is they have to add in 18% gratuity, so you don’t even have to think about that, so after tip our meal came to $51.  So go HERE to find out what the current discount code word is and see where else I have used my gift certificates.

I promise to take my camera so you can experience this with me next time.  And yes, I do think there will be a next time at this restaurant as they had Osso Bucco with polenta that sounded so good.  I just might need to make my way back.


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