Can’t Print Some Coupons?

If you are having troubles printing some of your coupons, the problem is usually with Macs.  Let me assure it’s not a PROBLEM to own a Mac, but that seems to be where the issue is.  But it’s an easy fix, I do this all the time. Just follow this great tutorial I got from A Guy With Coupons.

What does IE or FF mean?

IE= Internet Explorer
When printing coupons from ( the url is different for those browsing in firefox than it is for internet explorer.  Click the link next to IE if you’re in explorer or FF if you’re in firefox.  You can’t print twice from both.

When printing from IE, the letters circled will read “vi” or “wi”
A Firefox (FF) link will read “vg” or wg”
If you are using Safari on a Mac, change any of these codes to “xs”, then hit enter and you’ll be printing.

When I try to print bricks coupons I get the error message “please wait”.  Why?

This happens when you print from the wrong browser.  If you click and IE link from firefox, you’ll get the “please wait” message.  Change the circled portion of the url to the code for your browser (see above)