Couponing My Way #2

This is coming from a beginner as I go through the process.  So journey with me.  Hopefully I will figure this out quickly.

There is so much information on the web that it just seems to be overwhelming. So I have decided that I just need to really concentrate on 1 store that I will try and get the best deals. And that store that I am going to work really hard to figure out is Walgreens.

I do most of my shopping at Fred Meyer (Kroger Affiliate) and I will get deals when I can right now.  I don’t have any food in the house, so I have to concentrate on buying what I need to keep feeding my family and slowly switch over to the Stockpiling philosophy.  I know I can do it, but if I try and do to much too fast I will frustrated and quit. So for now Walgreens and Fred Meyer.

If I am near an Albertsons or Safeway great, but I won’t make special trips to those just yet.  You really need to start with this mind set, then you can progress and shop like a pro for ever after.

There are many systems out there for sorting and such and I am going with the large accordion file.  I actually picked this up on clearance for like a $1 almost a year ago at Office Max and I wasn’t sure at the time what I would do with it, but now it’s coming in plenty handy.

My Large Accordion File divisions are

Rebates – This is where I can file the print outs of what I need to buy for certain Mail In Rebates (mir) and can keep receipts with them  until I have enough to submit and I can keep a log in there of when I submit and when it comes in.  I do very few MIR these days, so I don’t any elaborate system on my computer for them.

The rest of my dividers are Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G.

I have all the stores I shop at with their own file.

When I get my Smart Source I don’t clip any coupons I simply just take a marker and write the date really big on the front and file it that way.  Then as I see sales posted you will see someone say coupon form 12/31 SS and I will know to go to my Dec 31st Smart Source.  On weeks when you get General Mills I just cut all those and put them in my small accordion file.

What’s in my Small Accordion file you ask?  This one is divided up into different food categories and drug items and paper goods and whatever best suites you.  Everyone has to come up with their own system. We don’t have babies or pets so I don’t have those categories.  When I print coupons off the internet I cut them out and file them in the categories in my small accordion.

Before I finally head to the store I pull out all my coupons and paper clip them together with my hand written list of what I am buying, how many, and how many RR’s (remember I am starting at Walgreens for now) and what my Out of Pocket (oop) should be.  This is a system that is working for me.


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