Discount Blue Man Group Tickets

Ok, I haven’t been to Vegas since I was in the 8th grade.  Since I am now 40 I am going to assume that things have changed.  So in order to have a fun visit in a short time I have had to do a lot of research.  And I want to do this trip as cheaply as possible, so it has taken some time to find the deals, but here is what I have found so far.

We knew that since we were going that we would have to see the Blue Man Group. We have never seen them and we have always wanted too.  So I began looking for tickets and saw that they were horribly expensive. I went to the Blue Man Group page here and saw that there was a discount.  It was a great discount, you could get the $92 seats for $62.  So I was going to book them then I realized that you could only book the late (10pm) show at that price.  So not willing to commit to that I kept looking.  I eventually saw the Tix4Tonight offer.  This does look like a great option. What I have read and have found is that you have to go to one of these locations at 10am and wait in line, then you take your “ticket”  and  go 1 hour early to the show and get you real ticket.  So there is quite a time commitment to get your cheap ticket.  So I was frustrated with this idea, but willing to go with it.  Then I went back one more time to the Blue Man Group’s website and saw that there was a new discount code, so I entered it and found that the 7pm is show was now included in that offer. So take your time and look around.  The deals are out there.  If you are a local or know a local you can get an even bigger discount.  There is AAA pricing for the Blue Man Group and there is also Blue Man Group Military Pricing.  So if you go there now and you don’t see great pricing or any discount codes just keep checking back.

My first great find was the MGM Grand for $51 night with a $100 dinning gift certificate.  Now when I punched in my dates I didn’t get the $51, but I did get the $55 for the weekday night, but for the weekend I had to pay $107.  But that was still tons cheaper than the list price.  And we also have the $100 dinning gift certificate.  So we are excited about that.  Since then I have gone online to the other hotels and I have noticed that they are all running some great specials too.  So look around and take your time.   Next time I see one of those great deals come up I will post it.  My blog wasn’t up and running when I found the deal.