Good Food at Great Price

There are a number of ways to eat at some expensive places at great prices.  First off I think we have all heard of the entertainment book.  They have a whole section of fine dining.  Check out your local one at  They have coupons listed on the home page that save on the purchase of the entertainment book, plus free shipping.  Last time I looked it had gone from $10 off to $15 off. So go check them out. The other nice thing about them is you don’t just have deals in the book, they also have a website that allows you to print coupons.

Here is another new thing out there.  Mobons is a place where you can go and print off coupons to restaurants in Portland, or you can add it to your iPhone and just show the discount to your server on your iPhone.

Here in Portland we also have this book called the Happy Hour Guide Book. The new one this year has coupons in it, plus I just went out the website and saw that they are promoting a restaurant and it’s called the coupon of the month and you just show your Happy Hour Guide Book and give them the code “happy” and enjoy Happy Hour food prices until close.

Happy hour is definitely a good price for some great food here in Portland.  When I am out looking for new places to try I do like to try the happy hour.  It gives you an idea of what the food is going to be like.  And as I begin to sample these places I will be sure to report back.  Woohoo!  Lots of coupons choices.  That is another thing I love about living in this area is we have great food choices and they are starting to see the competition and the coupons are starting to come out.  Love it!