80% off

For those of you that haven’t tried this,you really need too.  While we were in Las Vegas we used one.  I paid $2 for a $25 gift certificate.  We went to the Harley Davidson Cafe.  We had to spend $35 on food and we could include alcohol in that deal.  Some you can’t, we have not come across of those yet, just be sure to read each one and ask to make sure.  Anyways, we order our $38 worth of food, with tax and tip it would have been around $50.  But with our GC after tax, tip and $2 for the GC our bill was $22.  The thing I really like about this is there is no risk.  If for some dumb reason a restaurant goes out of business you can take it up with  but even if they don’t do anything about it, you are only going to be out $2.  That’s nothing. So if you are nervous about trying, don’t be, just try it.

Go right now to and purchase one today.  You will have up to 1 year to use it. What are you waiting for?


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