Target Clearance

My family went up snowboarding this evening, so I took the opportunity to head to Target.  I had heard about some great things on clearance, so I made my way over hoping to score like others had.  I gathered my coupons and headed out.  First off many of the things I had seen like detergents and other cleaners were indeed on sale, but some I couldn’t print coupons for them and even if I had I still think they were a bit too much for something I didn’t NEED.  The end caps were filled with clearance, like always, but they also had the same products in the aisles.  So check both locations if you want more or some of the things you were after you can’t find on the end caps.  I was hoping to get some of the Fusion juice I had seen someone else get, but it was gone.  I was a little disappointed that I did find anything.  At one point this lady walked down an aisle, smiled, ran back to her cart and grabbed her coupons.  I wanted to follow and see what she was getting but it seemed a little stalkerish, that’s after she caught me staring.  Awkward!

So I just took my time wandering the store and low and behold there was 50%-75% off EVERYWHERE!!!  I bought 7 towels for $2.48 each.  I got 2 bic lighters for $1.34 each, and even though my family was already up on the mountain I bought more face masks for $2.48 each since they always seem to loose them.  I got this great water pitcher regularly $14.99 for $3.24.  I found this cake holder for $3.74.  I don’t bake cakes, but called a friend and picked it up for her.  There were also the 2 frames that were NEEDS.  I am a bad mom and I accidentally ordered the wrong size school pictures…in October, and never got frames for them, so $2.48 was a deal, and I can finally frame my kid’s school pictures 4 months later.  I also picked up a shirt for myself.  I left out some cute underwear that I got for $.75 each, didn’t want to embarrass my family.  But still letting you all know I got it.  In the end I spent $73.  I could not believe it.  I didn’t use 1 coupon, and every single thing I bought was on a huge discount. I didn’t buy any bedding, but there was a TON of bedding on sale, TONS!!

So now my rant for why I am willing to buy cheap towels.  My towels always end up stinking.  Before when I had a top load washer I would add vinegar to take out that sour oder.   Well, I have front load now and you can’t do that.  I am sick of my towels stinking and I have decided that if I can find them cheap enough I need to throw them out when they are that bad.  You also have to remember I have teenagers so they get left wadded and wet.  Now the hard part is going to be throwing away my old towels.  I am so frugal I can barely part with them, but gag when I dry off.  So out they go and NO I won’t donate those nasty things. That’s just mean.


  1. Jamie Cottrell says

    I love your honesty. We all do this with towels at some point. For me, it doesn’t happen often now. I used to do it a lot a few years ago. It went something like this: I had something to do by the time the washer was done with a load, so I’d just go out and do that thing, and then by the time I got home, I’d completely forgotten about the towels waiting for me to throw them into the dryer. Hence, they’d sit and rot for a couple of days. Yuck! However, now that I’m conscientious about it (since buying a whole new set of towels to replace the rancid set) my current towels are in pretty good shape still smell-wise, but my big problem is the cats. They try to play with the towels when they get into them, and threads start unraveling. And I like my towels pretty, not looking like somebody’s been picking them apart. Gaaaahhhh! It’s something or other with towels the world over. I have no idea why this is.

    I advise you to cut up your rancid old towels, and let your hubby or s/o use the pieces for grease monkey stuff around the garage or working on the car. Anything you use on cars will get smelly anyway. Why not?


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