Target Mark Down Schedule

Shopping at Target can be fun and it can be very inexpensive.  I usually look at the flyer and find all the best deals and see if have coupons that match up and then I stock up. But my favorite part about Target is the Mark Down. And I have just found the Mark Down Schedule, so now I am even more excited.

Weekly Mark Downs

Monday: Electronics, Kids clothing and stationary (Cards, gift wrapping paper, etc.).
Tuesday: Domestics, women’s clothing, pets and Market (food items,etc).
Wednesday: men’s clothing, toys, lawn & garden, health and beauty items.
Thursday: House wares, lingerie, sporting goods, shoes, music, DVDs, books and luggage.
Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry.

Here’s the secret to finding all the great deals.  There are many that are now in the aisles, but the end caps are loaded with them and marked very clearly with big red signs.  I shop the perimeter of the store and check all the end caps.

The other thing to remember is that the Clearance is really well marked with a red sticker.  There are also codes on the sticker letting you know what percentage off it might be.  you will see the date, the amount, and you will also see another # like 15 or 30 and that is the percent off.  The other thing that I have noticed, but never asked to have it completely verified, is if the price ends in a 4  like $3.74 that is the lowest it will go.  Before that it should end with an 8 like $5.98.  So watch all the #’s on the item.

Use the in store scanners to check everything.  Some things get put in clearance on accident others just might not be marked yet.  So take things to the scanners.

Holiday Mark Down Schedule

All holidays except Christmas follow the 3-3-2 rule:
The first 3 days after the holiday are 50% off.
The next 3 days are 75% off.
The next 2 days are 90%.
After that it goes to salvage.

Valentines 3-3-2

Easter 3-3-2

4th of July 3-3-2 (since it’s always on July 4, the schedule stays the same)
July 5 = 50% off
July 8 = 75% off
July 10 = 90% off

Halloween (since it’s always on Oct. 31, the schedule stays the same)
Nov 1st = 50% off
Nov 4th = 75% off
Nov 7th = 90% off

Thanksgiving 3-3-2


Best of all Enjoy knowing the Target mark down schedule.  I feel like with this information I have arrived!!!!!


  1. Thank you! Now I know exactly when I need to go to hit the best sales on the first day!


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