Trader Joes Free Wine Tasting

I love this store.  They do take manufacturer couopns, but they have so many of their own products that you can’t ever use coupons.  But for the most part they have things in the store that are reasonably priced.  Plus this store is so full of product that if you aren’t familiar with it, you just need to take your time to find all the good stuff.

Right now our location is doing a FREE Wine Tasting every day from 1-6pm.  Now if you are a wine person and and you haven’t checked the wines at Trader Joe’s then you need to make your way over.  They have a great selection and it’s priced really well.  It’s definitely the place to stock up.  And they carry the 2 Buck Chuck or also known as the Charles Shaw which in our area sells for $2.99 each.  I think this wine tastes fine, and because of the price I purchase it to cook with, and if there’s any left over I will drink it as well.

Our Trader Joe’s recently expanded the store 3000 sq ft, that and the wine tasting, I think Bonnie needs to move back home.