Ulta Coupons

Ulta always have coupons, so never pay full price for anything.  They also have the free program that you can sign up for and they just track your purchases and then send out a mailer with your bonuses on it.  Now, these flyers come in the mail all the time. But once a quarter, I believe, is when they include bonus coupons for the people in the program. I can’t even tell you how many I missed because I didn’t know to look for the extra bonus.   I finally saw it last month for the first time.  I had a Free $5 purchase.  I am pretty frugal and I use their coupons all the time, so the bonus wasn’t big, but it did get me a free mascara.  And in that same issue you could get a FREE eye liner. The wording was really confusing so I had to have it explained to me, but in the end it was Buy one Get one Get one.  You think they would just say Buy one Get 2, but no you had to do the first store deal in order to cash in on the other coupon.  So if you don’t understand ask.  That was a great deal.

Anyways on to my most recent purchase., I got 2 of the Ulta mascaras.  I have really liked the Ulta brand.  They are regularly $10 each, but they have a special right now for 2 for $10.  So I picked out 2 then used my $3.50 off coupon and got the mascaras for $3.25 each.  I checked around the store and the Maybeline and Covergirl would cost more to make the coupon work, so this was the best deal that day. I have an email in to see if they accept manufacturer coupons and if they do how they work.

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