Walgreens 1-6 Trip

Ok my trip was almost a success.  I say almost because I do at least one thing wrong every time…ok truth is I do a lot of things wrong.  But like I have said in my previous posts I have a gal there that is patient and works with me and makes sure I follow all the rules and makes sure I don’t pay for things with the wrong RR.  (What I mean by that is if you buy Crest toothpaste and get a $1 RR you cannot turn around and buy another Crest toothpaste with that RR or another RR will not print out.)  But I still end up having to run and grab something else or end up deleting something all together.

Here is a summery of how I did:

Jan 6 trip to Walgreens

I got the Ritz crackers for $.99 each, but I did not get a RR like I thought I might.  Someone said that might change, but it didn’t matter because I had a $2 off 2 Ritz cracker coupon.  No size limit, so it worked perfect.

The Stayfree are the ones I could have gotten for free, but I got confused and really did want the Carefree.  The nice lady let me run to the car and get the right coupon, so that was nice. In the end I got all this for $13.91 and I left the store with $6RR.  Price before any discounts was $52.78.  I really needed a calendar.  I have been looking and can’t seem to find anything I like.  This one will work perfect and it does have some great pictures and it was only $2.

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