Walgreens FAIL

This is crazy, every single time I got to Walgreens I make a mistake.  I am making a category called FAIL because we all do this.  It just seems like I am doing it a lot and it always seems to happen at Walgreens.  I don’t particularly like that store anyways, so going in there is always a chore, but the money I save is amazing and I just have to get certain things there.

So today I make my way in.  I had my flier in hand and had pulled a few coupons before hand.  They had cereal on sale for $1.75.  I didn’t have any coupons, but at this price for Post cereal it didn’t really matter to me.  I look and look and finally I ask a guy to help me, who finally gives up and says he’s not even on the clock and leaves because he can’t figure it out.  Like litterally leaves, and doesn’t send anyone over to help.  Finally a guy sees me struggling so they ring up what we think it might be and it’s not. So he gets out the weekly flier. At this point I realzie that I have the wrong ad, I have last weeks ad.  So embarrassed I say thank you and go back and return the things I had put in my cart and put away my coupons.  But I still kept the Therma care because it was buy one at $2.49 get a RR for $2.49, so why not.  I finish my shopping trip and my RR doesn’t come out for the Therma care so I have to go over to another counter and wait for a manager.  We can’t figure it out, she finally goes to look and comes back to tell me that it was also in last weeks ad, BUT since they didn’t take off the tag off the shelf, she just ended up giving me the product for free.

There is something about going into Walgreens using coupons and RR and store coupons, all which you are allowed to and all which have a system that I follow, but nonetheless I always feel guilty in there.  I am not sure why, I never break rules I always go according to their policy, but I walk out with so much stuff for free and I end up with more money to spend the next week. It’s crazy.  But deep down inside I love it.

This also brings me to my next point.  I think I need to start videoing when I do this because I think it would be super entertaining for all to see.  I need to find a friend.  The one friend that I know for a fact that would do it for me is my best friend, but she moved away.  I think I am also going to add to the blog reasons Bonnie should move home.  And reason #1 is I need someone to video my coupon blog.

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