4 Easy Steps Before You Hit the Store

Being organized is the best way to make each trip a success.  Try these 4 easy steps to get yourself in and out of the store quickly.

1.    Go through the ad and understand any sales or deals going on, and take your ad with you.
Also know when you should be receiving Register Rewards or Catalinas.

2.  Match up coupons with the ad and paper clip them to your ad in an envelope.
This works really well especially if you are going to more than one store that day.  Also make sure you have any eCoupons added to your loyalty card. I like to recycle so use an envelope from the mail.

3.   Have your list ready on the outside of the envelope so you can go through quickly.
You are there for the “loss leaders”, the things that get you in the store, these are the things that you are also going to stock up on.  Stick to your list to help you stay within your budget and to stay on schedule.  You don’t’ want to spend any more of your time or money than you need in the store.

4.    Always carry a small organzier, or whatever your system is with you, just in case there is an unadvertised sale.

You are now ready to walk out the door.


  1. thanks for sharing the tips as well as visiting my blog

  2. I never carry my extras with me, I haven’t figured out a system that works for me with that yet and I end up going back to the store later…I must get on this soon!!!

  3. Here is what I do. I file my inserts whole. Before I file them I clip the stuff I know I will use for sure. I carry those things with me all the time.


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