Albertsons Doublers

Looks like Albertsons will have doublers this weekend.  That will make the boring ad come to life a little more I think.  So comb through your ad again with your coupons in hand and see what you can find.  Remember when Albertsons doubles the coupons they will double them up to $1.  Obviously if you have a $.50 it only doubles that amount, but if you have a $1.50 it will double that one up to $1.

Thanks Fabously Frugal for the info and your matchups.


  1. at the end of your post it says albertsons will double the coupons up to $1. they wont! i already tried. in the coupon it says any coupons that are over $1 are excluded. they wont double a penny of a coupon that is over $1

  2. Cody, this is the first I have heard of Albertsons not doubling coupons. I have done this several times. As a matter of fact in the big January Quaker Oatmeal sale I used a $3/5 boxes and they “doubled” that and I got $4/5. I hope this is not going to be something new. Anyone else had issues with Albertsons?