Back At It

So last week I was gone for the week.  I have worked so hard to really cut back on our food budget and I have worked really hard on a good stockpile so I am able to go into store and get only what I have on my list.  Things were going really well, my husband was proud of me and the few times he had gone with me he was impressed.

In my absence I planned a few meals that were super easy.   Here is a little side not to you young moms out there.  Teach your children to cook, even if it means making a big mess and taking longer than you are willing to spend.  I don’t have a lot of tolerance for something taking twice as long as it should and I just didn’t want to deal with the huge mess after my kids had “helped” so I didn’t let them help often.  Yes, I just confessed to you a bad mom moment and a regret.  Fast forward 10 or so years and my kids ages 14 and 16 and don’t know how to cook.  Just a few weeks ago my oldest asked how to make a grilled cheese.  I feel like I am being demeaning when I say “bread, butter and cheese”  but I don’t know how else to say it.  Anyways, back to my sad story, I had planned a few easy meals for my kids and husband (who is not much better than the kids) to fix.  First off was the Beef in a Red Wine Sauce.  I had everything cut up and ready to go stored in the freezer.  All they had to do was add the wine and boil the noodles.  They did it!  I also had planned for them to eat Spaghetti.  Simple enough, I had all the directions written out..”put hamburger in fridge the day before, boil noodles, heat Ragu and make salad out of bagged lettuce (that I got for $.47)”  Well, instead they left the meat unused in the fridge for days then they went to Costco and bought the $8 Cesar salad, which was still unused by the time I got home.  So now the meat is bad and going in the garbage and the salad needs eaten ASAP.  Oh and that was all they tried to cook, so they instead went out to eat the rest of the time.  And by the way there was a coupon laying on the floor of one of the restaurants that they went to.  I have my work cut out for these guys don’t I?

I have seen quite a few blogs about how these ladies have been doing some Freezer cooking.  I am thinking that is the way things are going to have to go if I want to leave town and not have them eat out every day killing our food budget.  The good thing is I love my husband and kids a ton, so I will forgive them because I guess in the end it’s all my fault anyways.

Today I was back at the shopping, and I got some great deals and I was able to use my Walgreens RR’s before they expired, so that’s all good.  I am going to really try and get things down to a science so I only have to shop once or twice a week.  Some days I find another great find and make my way back to a store.  The one good thing is I can drive 3 miles and be to a Walgreens, Safeway, Albertsons and Target.  That clump of stores has been a life saver.  Well off to figure out dinner, like I said I am back at, but not quite in the meal planning mode.  But not to worry I have a great stock pile and a few cravings.  It’s shaping up to be another great meal!