Being Debt Free

There is nothing finer than being debt free.

FREE, we all love that word.

If it’s in an ad we all run to that store.

If there is a coupon that can be put towards something we match it up and go to the other store.

FREE is the beginning of Freedom.  Being debt free does give you so much freedom.

Freedom to vacation.

Freedom to give.

Freedom to buy your friend lunch.

We have worked hard our whole married life, 20 years now, to stay debt free.  Only one time did we incur debt and that was about 10 years ago.  We managed to get ourselves out and to this day we only have our house.  It has not been easy as we have always had just one income.

There are so many programs out there that help people to get out of debt.  There are big names like Dave Ramsey and Susie Orman all helping you get out of debt.  I believe they have programs that work and I believe that we as individuals need to learn to live debt free.

I work hard to stick to a budget, to live within our means and at the same time do things with our family that will create memories that will last forever.  It’s all about choices.  I search for bargains and clip coupons and watch for sales on airfare.

One of the Finer Things in Life is to be debt free.  It’s a daily challenge, but once you have gotten yourself out of debt you never want to go back.  We get to choose what we spend the extra money on.

If you are digging your way out, be encouraged.  It’s worth it, and you are creating lifestyle habits that will be with you forever.

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  1. Yes I totally and completely agree! When we were first married our goals were to pay off my husbands truck… and then save for our future vehicles… and 5 years later, we bought our brand new Honda Odessey last summer with a check!

    Ahhhh… the freedom from STRESS 🙂

    Happy Finer Things Friday!

  2. that is a great thing to be proud of

  3. I would say being debt free is a wonderful finer thing. Way to go to you, we are slowly working on being debt free.

  4. We are working on being debt free. We are to the point that we just owe on our home and my student loans. Paying off our debt took a while but is so are right!

  5. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something most people can’t even imagine.

  6. You are right. Being debt free is about making choices. And yes, it is a finer thing!


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