Food Magazines for $3.99-5.99

I love a great magazine and I love Food Magazines, since I think it’s obvious that I love food.  Anyways check out these great deals.  I am going to get the Rachel Ray and the Everyday Food.  Everyday Food is my favorite magazine ever, but I am too cheap to buy it, so I flip through in the grocery line, but not anymore!!  And yes I know Body and Soul is not a food magazine, but that’s ok.

Everyday With Rachel Ray only $3.99 use code ee78

Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine only $5.99 use code 48c3

Body and Soul Magazine only $3.99 use code bodyandsoul

Saveur Magazine only $4.99 use code saveur

Thank you so much A Thrifty Mom, I NEEDED these magazines.  🙂


  1. I just ordered Rachel Ray and Everyday Food and both worked out perfectly.

  2. Awesome tip! Thanks friend!!!