More Quaker Coupons

Just in case you didn’t get enough.  LOL  I did manage to get a rain check on a few things, but the great coupon I was using was expiring today, so I knew I would use the new coupon book at Albertsons right now.  This has a $2 off Quaker coupon + other great coupons.

But I was still going to need a few more coupons to make this a real sweet deal.  Then a stumbled upon another post and saw that inside the boxes of oatmeal I had purchased is yet another coupon book that has coupons for more Quaker products.  YES.  I dug through, not all of them have it.  My original oatmeal did as did my Maple and Brown sugar.  It’s a little guy, but it’s in there.  These don’t expire until December ’10.  Woohoo!!

thanks Frugal Chic