Safeway Coupon Policy

Safeway AKA Vons, Pack ‘n Save, and Tom Thumb

Safeway accepts Manufacturer coupons, store coupons, internet coupons (except for a FREE item, no purchase necessary), and eCoupons.

Internet Coupons are anything printed from,, or

eCoupons are anything from Cellfire and Shortcuts.

Safeway will not accept a coupon that is more than 50% of a product’s value or more than $5.00.  For example if you have a $2 off coupon that can be used on a product that is $5, but if the product only sells for $2.50 then that coupon will not be accepted.

TIP:  Safeway has been making their own rules these days and don’t have a policy to back it up with.  Just try and be nice and do your best to follow the rules you are aware of.  We all do our best not to intentionally break rules, so I do feel bad when hit up with a new rule that is no where to be found.  It’s not just here, I understand that has been typical of the NW.  So just remember to play nice and let them win, but do ask nicely to speak with a manager to understand what they are asking of us.