Safeway Deals with P&G

The promo that is going on right is pretty great.  If you spend $35 (before coupons) on a participating products you get a $10 OYNO.  It took me a while to find all the participing products in the store, because 1) they are all spread out and 2) all that seperates a product from the list is sometimes the quantity, then they throw in these tags that threw me off as well.  You can see that the one specifically states buy $25 get $10 back, but the other tag looks very similar but is not part of the sale.  The pictures I took were not the best because sometimes the one size of Bounce would be participating, but the other size was just on sale.  So watch to make sure you get your $10 Catalina.

These 2 coupon books were a great help in this sale.  Nearly everything listed in the sale has a coupon in one or both of these books.  The small one is a Home Made Simple book. The other one is a Save A Lot coupon book that I had ordered at one time.  I just went to their site and there isn’t one avaialable, but if you have one look through it as there are tons of coupons for this sale.

But wait there’s more.  Purchase $50 (before coupons) of these participating products and turn in your recipts to receive $100 in coupons.  Go HERE for details.


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