Sinju Restaurant

Here is another great deal coming from one of our local news stations.  If you are not in the Portland area I am so sorry, but check yours and see if you can find anything.

This place has amazing sushi, but not just sushi there are other things that you can choose if sushi is not your thing.  I have only been to the Bridgeport location and I love the feel of the restaurant.

They are offering a $50 gift certificate for only $25.  I love this deal because these are the type of restaurants that just don’t ever do coupons. I did see on their website that they are offering some B1G1 items.  Combined with this, that equals a great meal for a great deal.

This goes on sale tomorrow at 4:30am.  My husband does get up early and the one time I have ordered from here I did have to take advantage of his early rise.  It was a deal I couldn’t miss, the Portland Happy Hour book.  We got one, but let me tell you by the time I got up they were nearly gone.

Go HERE and check it out.  I can’t guess how fast this one will go, but I would like to think I won’t need to get up at 4:30 to take advantage of it.  Here’s to hoping.