Stepping Stone Cafe was offering an 80% discount and at the time(about 1month ago)  your purchase also came with a FREE $10 gift certificate of your choice, so we chose Stepping Stone Cafe.  This restaurant is in the NW district of Portland, which is very quaint with lots of shopping and places to eat.  With that we figured we couldn’t go wrong.

When we first stepped in it felt as if we were stepping back in time to an old diner from the 70’s.  Kind of grungy looking and somewhat run down.  As I sat down on my stool up at the bar I even wondered at times if it was going to just fall off, but it just wobbled. Every time the door opened Christmas balls would bob from the ceiling.  Yes they still had Christmas balls up, but it was more bizarre that they bobbed.

The service was great, very friendly, and on top of things.  My order took much longer than it should and they apologized several times and told us the coffee was on them, which we appreciated.  My husband had ordered a short stack, which means only 2 of these 10″inch + pancakes for only $6.  I ordered the eggs benedict($9) because I like to try those as I go from place to place.  The pancakes were really good, but the eggs benedict was nothing special at all.  We also had to order a side of bacon and both of us got drinks.  We had to order all that just to get to the $20.  The food was really affordable and the portions, as you can see, are quite large, and that was the case with everything.

The whole time we were in there the place was packed, and people waiting.  We were there on a weekday and it was even a little later, maybe even around 9:30-10:00. It is a very popular place.  We would go back just to share the experience, but I will be honest it’s for the experience and not for the food, as it was just ok. I won’t complain though, the price was right.


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