Stockpiling Going Great

My kids crack me up.  Not only have they mocked me, not sure why, for buying so much cereal, oatmeal and such, but they went as far to say “just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean you need to bring it home.”   I disagree, if it’s FREE I have to bring it home right?  But it doesn’t stop there.  Today my daughter had a friend over and she had to show her our pantry.  Hmmm, so do they like that they have tons of options, do they like they can show off our stash to their friends or are they just mocking me?  I don’t care, bring on the coupons.  It’s nice for once to let the teenagers come in and eat whatever they want.  Usually I would hide the good stuff and pull our the junky stuff for other kids, but not anymore.


  1. Im with you Amy, if its free you have to bring it home! Thanks for the coupon advice. I love it!