Walgreens Coupon Policy

There are a few rules that you need to know about when you go to Walgreens.  You will see people post about how they are using RR’s (Register Rewards) to pay for other products, but there are ways to go about it to make sure you get your next RR.

First off let’s talk about what RR’s ever are and how you earn them.  They are the Register Rewards that you get when you purchase certain things.  For instance at Walgreens you can purchase Blink eye drops for $7.99 and get a $7.99 RR.  That’s really good.  There is another one that ran, that is more typical, and that is buy Secret Clinical Deodorant for $8.99 and get a $4 RR.  So the RR’s are like cash that you get back to spend on your next trip.

TIP don’t use the RR from Blink to turn around and buy another Blink or another RR will NOT print.  You can use the Blink RR to turn around and by the Deodorant though and have Deodorant RR print.

TIP You can only get one RR per transaction.  For instance say you want 2 of the Blink eye drops.  In order to get 2 RR you will need to have 2 separate transactions.

You are also allowed to stack Walgreens coupons with Manufacturer coupons(MQ).  This is a Walgreens policy.  Sometimes you will run into employees that don’t completely understand the rules.  Unfortunately they don’t have a printed coupon policy.  The few times I have had issues I just calmly and politely explain that you can stack the 2 coupons together and let them know that is the policy that I have been made aware of.

When you make a purchase you must have as many items as coupons.  Register Rewards are considered manufacturer, as are any of the ones you clip.  You will see it printed on the top.  Walgreens coupons will say just that.  Here is an example from one I did recently.
Advil $4.59
Thermacare $5.99
Blink $7.99
2 filler items $.17 pens
used $10RR  joint juice and $2RR from Chap Stick
$3 Thermacare coupon
$1 off Advil or $2 off Advil Pm
$1.50 off Blink or $2 off 1/10SS
paid $.81 received $8RR and $5 RR

Because I had a Thermacare MQ, Advil MQ, Blink MQ, and I was using 2RR’s I needed to have as many items as coupons.  I can’t use 2 MQ’s on one item.  What you need to do at that point is find something really cheap in the store.  This day I happened upon some clearance and found these cheap pens for $.17 each.  Perfect, now I have 1 MQ for every item, even if the MQ is not for that item.  If you try and do 5MQ’s on 3 items the register will beep and they won’t be able to proceed.  Sometimes they know what to do other times, they don’t.  You can use and stack Walgreens coupons without needing to match up number of items.

TIP If Walgreens is having a sale on let’s say Razors and they are Buy 1 Get 1 (B1G1) and you have a MQ that states B1G1, then you should receive both items for free.

Here is the order you need to hand the coupons to the cashier:
Register Rewards (if your using some)
Manufacturer Coupons
Store Coupons

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  1. I find so many items each week that I purchase from Walgreens, but each week I vow I will never again shop at Walgreens due to the fact that it always ends up being a hassel with my purchase when it comes to coupons. Today I shopped at the Walgreens on Two Notch Road and Rabon Road Columbia, SC. I went to purchase the Planter’s Trail Mix 2/$5.00, had two Mfg coupons for $1.50 on one bag, also was using Walgreens coupon from their coupon book which was $1.00/2, the clerk/store manager said I could only use one coupon, could not stack with Walgreens coupon. This was news to me and I told him so, also ask that he minus out the sale. He informed me that no matter what I had heard what he was telling me was the truth. I have a printed copy of your policy and it states in this policy that you can stack a Walgreens coupon with a Mfg coupon. I frequent all four Walgreens which are close around me and they are the very worst to deal with when it comes to using your coupons. These employees need some serious training when it comes to ringing coupon transactions. Great store but horrible experiences when shopping at them, please help.

  2. Nancy you are not alone in bad shopping experiences. You are also correct that many of the employees need training. The only other thing that you really could have done at this point was to ask to speak to a manager, with policy in hand. It looks like you did that, so then the next step would be to call corporate and let them know about your experience. You CAN stack coupons, so what you were trying to do was correct.
    When you come upon an employee like that all you can really do is put back your stuff and try again later. In all of this we need to remember they are offering us a great service, we need to keep our cool, and try our best to educate those that are willing to listen. Not all are willing to listen.
    I have done ok with Walgreens, as I have employees in my area that tell me how to do make the deals work, I appreciate that, but I also have grocery stores that make up different rules every time I walk in the door, so I have stopped going to that store.
    We do get great deals with our coupons, but these stores need to also realize that we might also buy something that is not on sale, which is the whole purpose of why they offer these “loss leaders”. They are the ones loosing out, and we can only hope that they jump on board and work with us.
    Sorry you had a bad experience, the only other thing you could try is a later evening run and see if different staff know the policies better.

  3. The manager and cashier did not know how to ring a Walgreens coupon and a manufacturers coupon, and told me that I was not allowed to use both.
    I went to WAGS buy the Raid Max Bug Barrier, on sale for $8.99, there is a $2 off coupon in the May Walgreens Coupon Book.
    I also had a $3 coupon from Sunday’s paper. The manager tried to ring the tranactins but could not. When she could not figure out
    how to solve the problem, she then became so frustrated she started to ‘huff and sigh’ as if I was the problem, and told me that she needed to ‘make change’ for another cashier. And told me that I could not use them both. I explained that one coupon was a Walgreens and the other was the manufactures & that I’d
    never had problems using both before. I asked if there was someone else who knew how to do it. She didn’t know and she wasn’t trying to find out.
    I took the items to another cashier. When the second cashier could not get the transaction to work, she also told me that I could not use the two coupons, & added something about people misusing coupons & that they were NOT allowed to do an override.
    I then went to another Wags, the cashier rang up my purchase, took off BOTH coupons…No problem!!
    The first WAGS manager and employee made ME feel like I was wasting their time & was committing coupon fraud, when they are the ones not properly trained & very misinformed. WAGS should take a hint from RiteAid and publisha a poicy.


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