Frugal Girl in Training

My daughter really wanted this necklace from Urban Outfitters, but it was $34 and she didn’t have the money.  She also knows better than to ask me for that much money for something like that.  I have always been frugal and my kids know it.

We were helping out at our church’s rummage sale a few weeks back, just setting up tables and getting stuff where it belonged.  We were taking the time to organize the Accessory table when my daughter saw this little watch, but no chain.

She immediately ran up to the lady running the rummage sale and asked how much it was.  She was so excited to find it was only $1.  She bought it on the spot. Not only was it very inexpensive but her $1 went to a good cause, to help the needy in Wilsonville, OR.

When she got home she went through her jewelry and found the perfect chain to put it on.  And it was exactly what she wanted and it was a $33 savings.

My daughter also took the picture.  Head over to Jenna’s Lens if you would like to see more of her work. I am a pretty proud mom.

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  1. Great way to “teach” that girl!

  2. I must say, she is so excited to learn how to get makeup so cheap, since I make her buy her own. She is slowly getting into using coupons. My son on the other hand…..