Great California Vacation Coupons

I LOVE, LOVE getting a good deal, be it on food, clothing AND Travel.

I always have my eye out for some good discounts on trips and about this time of year I start looking for some great roller coaster parks to hit up.

So when I saw the discount for $20 off admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California I got pretty excited.

This is a great coupon, especially if you are going for just one day, which I have to admit if our family hits a roller coaster park we usually try and stay for at least 3 days.  Since we do that we usually end buying a season pass, which means I then get back on the computer and find another park to hit before the seasons done.  I know pretty crazy, but that’s how this family rolls.

Ok, so the roller coaster park is not your idea of the perfect vacation.  I won’t judge you, but do take time to check out all the other discounts that are available in California, like Universal Studios, Whitewater Tours, Palm Springs Aerial Tram, Knotts Berry, Legoland and much more. Head on over HERE and check it all out.

So I just need to know, any roller coaster fans out there besides myself??  And in case you are wondering, YES I have done this ride….a few times.

So can this be my Thing I Love Thursdays?  I do love Rollercoasters.  Check out my other blog Vacation Thrills.  It’s been awhile since we have done one of these trips, but they are the best.  I took the picture that’s the header on my vacation blog.