Is Couponing for You?

I know there are some of you that just linger just to see what all of us are up too, but you still haven’t really taken the plunge.

I know what many of you are also thinking,  “I don’t want 5 boxes of fruit snacks, I just want meat and potatoes.”  It’s harder to find those coupons, but not impossible at all.

Recently I went to Safeway and I spent $27.11, but I saved 83.71.  Yes there were 5 boxes of fruit snacks in there, but there was also $45 worth of these ginormous Rib Eye Steaks.  I also got some fresh fruit and a need on my list, Mayonnaise, and I didn’t even have a coupon for that I had to pay full price.

That’s where my site is a little different.  I love seeing all the sales the other sites list, but I try hard not to buy High Fructose Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Oil.  That takes out a lot of the boxed goods you buy.  I mostly shop the outer edges of the store, but I still can save money.

I was able to stock up on Pasta today.  I came home with 8 boxes of pasta.  Everything from Penne Pasta to Whole Wheat Spaghetti. I paid $1.14 for all 8 boxes.  At Safeway they were on sale for $.88 a box and I had $.75 off coupons from Sundays paper.  At Fred Meyer they were $1 a box, I had 2 $1 off coupons when you buy Johnsonville sausage and 3 $.75 off whole wheat pasta.

It’s shopping trips like I had this week that make me stick with it.  The gal in front of me paid full price for everything in her cart, no coupons…$160.  Ouch! My total was over $110, but I only spent $27.

I like to highlight the things I am excited about and the things I am going to buy.  I was so excited when I came home with those Rib Eye Steaks today.  For me it’s not about getting it completely FREE (although I do at times) it’s about saving money on things like Pasta so I can buy Rib Eyes.

So if you are still hanging back trying to decide if this is too much work, don’t hang back any longer.  Do what you can, save what you can save.  If it drives you crazy, stop.  At least give couponing a chance. It’s a great way to save money on things we need to buy every single day.

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  1. You’re my idol!

  2. After popping over from UBP, I knew I’d like your blog (even if life in your neck of the woods is different from life in my corner of the midwest)…I hear of people saving tons of money with coupons and then learn that they feed their families things I just can’t bare to feed mine. With money getting tight I’ve found myself compromising WAY too often…I hate it. Even if coupons, stores, etc. may be a little different across the country, I’m really getting some good basic ideas on here. Thanks!


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