Makeup Sale at Albertsons

Here is all the make up we bought before coupons for $48.15… AND that was the sale price.  Wow make up is expensive.  We paid $16.67 and we still have $3 to use towards future make up. This sale runs through April 6th.

My daughter was pretty excited since I make her pay for her own make up.  She is slowly getting the hang of this couponing thing and I am glad because she will be venturing out on her own in just a few years.

HERE is a look at the sale and what coupons I used. Also they have Twice The Values good for 3 days, so we doubled some of those coupons.  Today we started the day with $3 off your next makeup purchase.  We did all this in 4 trips.  Check out one of the trips HERE.

Want to see more Bargain Bragging?


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