Money Saving Tips for Your Garden

My yard has been so bare.  It’s been that way for 2 years now and it drives me crazy.  I do on occasion buy for our yard and spend a $100 a time.  I will have the whole back of my car heaped full, then you start adding them to your yard. One here, one here and all of a sudden what looked like a ton, looks like nothing.

That’s how it always is with gardening, a LOT goes a LITTLE ways.

So this year I decided to try something a little different.  First off if you can buy bulbs now and get them in the ground it’s tons cheaper than buying that plant during the spring or summer.

Money 4 This

Second, if you can get what you want at Costco they are a lot cheaper and the quantity is much more.  Well this year they had my favorite bulbs in, Liatris.  I somehow missed them last year, but later saw the plants and sure enough, the plants were $10 for a container.  At Costco I paid $12.99 for 100 bulbs.

Just so you know, this is way to many bulbs for one person. Trust me I know.  In my last house I planted all 100 and it was a bit awkward.  Live and learn.

A few days ago I sent out an email to all my friends asking if they had ferns or hostas in exchange for bulbs.  I got more than one offer.  Although one was just for weeds, she didn’t have any extra plants. Thanks for the offer Debbie.

Not 4 That

So today I took out almost 40 bulbs to my friend in exchange for some plants.  She loaded me up.  My containers were so full I couldn’t even carry them.  Not only did she give me the 2 plants I was asking for, but she gave me plenty of others.  WooHoo!!

My bare corner

As you can see it was pretty bare in this corner.  There are a few dormant plants still in there, but I think maybe only 3.  It’s pretty pathetic.

Still working hard at it

I also spent $11.54 on 2 bags of soil to plant with.  These were from Home Depot.  I bought without a coupon, so don’t tell me there is one out there, I need to feel good about myself.

Starting to fill in

After much work it started to come together.  It still looks like there are some bare spots, but you need to remember you can’t see any of the Hostas right now as they are all under ground.  I brought home one big one and split it into 3.

Done for now

This whole project to fill my very empty corner cost me $25.  Plus I still have my bulbs to plant, I haven’t even done that yet.  I figure with all the plants she sent me home with I would have easily been over $100, and still needed the planting soil from Home Depot.

It feels good to have that done.  I am not sure which is a Finer Thing, the fact that it’s done or that I was able to do it so affordably.

Take some time to head over Finer Things in Life and see what others are celebrating this week.


  1. Smart idea! Can’t wait to see after pics.

  2. I am getting pretty excited too. Don’t worry I will for sure post the after pics.

  3. Bartering like that is a great idea. I have found that dividing plants that I already have has helped me create a whole new flower bed.

  4. I am hoping I can finally do that next year. Patiently waiting, ok not very patiently, but trying.


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