Old Navy Credit Card Benefits

I am sure if you are reading this you are thinking I am going to give you all the benefits of the card that they rattle off to you so you too will sign up for a card, like $10 coupon for every $200 spent, something special for your birthday and honestly I don’t remember much else from the list, but it’s all good.

The benefits I want to share with you are what I have been receiving lately from Old Navy as a cardholder.  If you are a card holder you have been getting these too.  These little cards that say $10 off.  The only catch is you have to buy $10 worth of stuff.

The first time I got these was during the Christmas Shopping Season.  I actually got 3 that time, each one dated 1 week apart.  I went in every single week and picked out something for $10 and left, I did that 3 times.

Well just a week ago I got another one of these cards only this time I can use it at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap and Online.  You can see how they mark it off once you have used it at that store.  So now I am going to make my way down to the Outlets and hit Banana Republic and Gap.

Yesterday I made my way into Old Navy with the purpose of finding something for $10.  In the past I have stocked up on underwear and pj’s.  This time I bought 2-3pks of socks.  They were on sale 2 for $10.  I walked up to the counter flashed my card and walked out the door with 6 pair of sock.

FREE, new clothing, that’s a Finer Thing in Life.  Especially when it’s something like socks, that is something I hate to spend money on, but we all need them. Check out what others think are Finer Things in Life. Also check out Madame Deals and see how others are saving money.


  1. Thanks for linking up! That is good to know about the Old Navy card. Plus there is a 30% off coupon for all of those store for this weekend! Could make for some awesome deals for you!

  2. They won’t let you double up on discounts, which is too bad, because we could have some great deals. But $10 FREE or better yet $40 now in the last 4 months is nothing to complain about.

  3. How nice! Wish we had an Old Navy nearby!


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