Out and About This Week

These are some of the deals that I have stumbled upon this week that I found while out and about.  These are things that we buy with our without coupon, so glad that I found these good deals.  Since we were gone because of spring break I didn’t do much shopping this week, so these are the only 2 things I was excited about.

At Safeway the big bags of Stacy Pita Chips, the 18oz ones.  They were on sale for $4.99 and each one had a $1 off coupon attached.  I also had my B1G1 FREE coupon, (these are gone, but if you have them these are a great use for them.)  Also since they were at Safeway you could use the doubles and get them for $1.75 each.  Our family eats a ton of Hummus, so we tend to go through a lot of these.

Crab Classics or Lobster Classics at Haggen this week are on sale again for $2.99 and it’s B1G1 FREE, plus I am printing $1 off coupons HERE, making these $.50 each.  I am addicted to these.  I would buy these without a coupon at that price, just glad that there is a coupon out there.

How about you, did you stumble upon a deal that was not listed on any blogs?