Safeway and Walgreens Shopping

Today I had RR at Walgreens expiring and I had a Safeway  $10 OYNO expiring.  I will post later tonight what my real goal for the day was, but because I am frugal and I was driving right by both these stores I had to stop.  They are slightly out of my way, so I wasn’t about to go back tomorrow.

Safeway did me good on stock up items.  I got all this for $9.14.  I saved $41.36 with coupons and club card savings.  Since I didn’t have a ton of time I just chose the best deals I could find, and I did have a few NEEDS in this trip.  I figured this was pretty good considering the juice alone would have been $9 had there not been any sale and any coupons.

Here is how I did it.

Prego was $1.25 with in ad coupon
2 -$50/2 in 2/7 SS

Welches Grape Juice
$1/2 Safeway eCoupons
$1/1 in 2/7 SS

Tampax $6.99 with in ad coupon (NEED)
2 – $2.00 from sending in for Tampax samples

Always Pantiliners $4.99
FREE coupon from sending in for Tampax Samples I tell you, samples come with good coupons

Clorox $1.69 with in ad coupon (NEED)

I had an expiring $10 off from the P&G cleaning supplies sale 2 weeks ago.  Plus my 4 doubles.


I really didn’t want to go into Walgreens.  I have not liked going there lately.  I sometimes feel like it’s just a game and more often than not I get things I wouldn’t normally purchase…and today was no different, but I had expiring RR’s.  Here is what I got for $1.24 OOP and $3RR for next trip.

Here is how I did this one.  Buy 3/$9 of these Crest products and get $3 RR.
used 2 $2.00 any crest rinse 2/7 P&G
used $.75 of Oral B 2/7 P&G
Barbasol $.99 w/in ad coupon
$4 RR from Razors
Had to purchase the Barbasol (because we needed it and it was a good price) since I only had 3 items and 4 coupons including my RR.  So needed a filler item.  Still don’t understand read more HERE.

This last P&G purchase will give me the total I need for my  $100 P&G Coupon Booket I want to order.

I am off to work on my best deal yet!!  This is something I am passionate about and I love the way I saved money on this one.  So check back later tonight and see how well I pulled it off.