Safeway Charmin and Bounty Deal

I found this amazing deal over at The Coupon Project and really want to pass it along because I will definately be going in to do this.

Buy 1 Bounty 15 double roll $12.99
Buy 1 Charmin 24 double roll $12.99
Save $6 instantly for buying both products (store promotion)
use the eCoupon here for $3 off Bounty
use the eCoupon here for $3 of Charmin

Receive a $10 OYNO (off your next order)

These items are also good towards your P&G $100 coupon Booklet.

This also pairs nicely with the Spend $50 get $10 off.  Plus Safeway is having a huge freezer sale going on too.  Check it out HERE

Check around, all the stores are having some great freezer sales this week.  I know for the locals here Haggen is doing it also. Instead of getting $10 back off your next order they instantly take $3 off or every $10 purchased.  I really like that because the savings are instant and you don’t have to deal with expiring catalinas.  I like catalinas though, don’t get me wrong.

If you can’t get the eCoupons to show up, register your card again.  I was having troubles and I finally got mine to work.


  1. Hi I was wondering what the Spend 50 get 10 back deal was?

  2. On the back of the Oregonian Food Day on Tuesday there was a spend $50 get $10 off coupon.