Splurge For the Week

I truly believe that if you are to stick to a tight budget that you do need to reward yourself sometimes, or splurge a little.  A splurge for me will be different than a splurge for you.

I love Food, I say it often on here.  I love creative food, and because of that I love to go out to eat and try different things.

We had  been gone for a short spring break.  You can see here how we stopped for snacks, and paid very little and still have some of those.  We went to my Mom and Dad’s house so we didn’t pay for any food.  We just pitched in and helped them prepare and and clean up.  (See I will work for food too.)

On the long drive home we decided we would stop and eat a nice dinner in Hood River.  This place is really getting some great new places.  We didn’t have any place in mind, but we knew we wanted something good so when we got there we began to drive around.  Hood River is not huge, so this was not a big task, and we have the App on the iPhone Around Me, helping us along.

We ended up a place called 3 Rivers Grill.  I had actually been there once, but my family had not. I knew it would be about $12-$15 a plate.  She placed 2 menus in front of us and one was a bar menu (happy hour) throughout the whole restaurant until 6.  We each immediately spotted something on this menu that we wanted.

My son and I also order salads.  I ordered the beet salad, and when it came I immediately grabbed for my camera to learn it was not with me.  Wow, it was great presentation and it was so good.  I love beet salads.

Everyone loved their meals.  My daughter got a huge hamburger, which my son had to finish.  My son got Pasta with alfredo (0nly because they were out of what he wanted) , I got the Lamb Shwarma, and my husband got the best thing of all.  He ordered a fish taco, which ended up being a very large fish burrito.  I will be back for that for sure.

It was so nice to have a great meal and get home well fed.  We also made sure we came in late enough so we didn’t have to sit in traffic.  Great ending to a great trip.

And by the way, that menu was much cheaper.  With 4 large entree’s and 2 big salads our meal was $50.

Did any of you have a splurge this week?


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