Tuesday’s Tips – 10 Ways to Save on Clothing

If you have spent any time on my site you know I am big into couponing.  But you also need to know I am big into getting any good deal, with or without a coupon.

I have decided to start a Tuesdays Tips where I will share a money saving tip that has nothing to do with coupons.

First off you need to know I don’t like to shop, but I do like to have different outfits to choose between.  My daughter has recently decided the same thing.  If we could just afford that personal shopper, we might just do it.  The hard part for us is we would rather have 5 shirts for lots of variety then 1 nice quality shirt.

Not only that but I don’t tend to wear clothes for very long before I get rid of them.  I will wear something for 2 seasons max, then be ready to move on.  So for me to buy something that will “last forever” is not enticing.  Give me the cheap shirt, and lots of them.

Here is how I save money on clothes:

1.  Buy out of season.  We all know this, but many people want what they see now.  I think you need to realize that things mark down rather quickly.  Just 2 weeks ago at Target the first set of swimsuits had already been marked down to 50% off, and it’s barely spring break.

2.  Price Adjustments.  If you can’t wait for clearance then watch for the price to go down and take it back in for the price adjustment.  Many stores offer this, you will just need to know how many days you have to do a price adjustment. This is a question you will need to ask at each store.

3.  Shop at Marshalls, TJMaxx or Ross Dress for Less.  These are discount stores and they do a good job of discounting.  Not only that but they too have a clearance section.  My friend recently had to go to a soiree.  She was going to be surrounded by lots of people with tons of money.  Being tight on a budget she went to one of these stores.  She just so happened to find a gorgeous dress on clearance for $11.99.  I saw her pictures and her dress was nicer than some.

4.  Participate in a Clothing Swap.  I have been invited to one, but wasn’t able to make it, but I think on of these would be so much fun.  It would cost you absolutely nothing and you could come home with some great new clothes.  Interested in how to pull one of these off check out how this ONE was done.

5.  Don’t get stuck on Brand Names.  My daughter really wanted this sweatshirt from American Apparel.  It was pretty plain, but the white hoodie strings were what made it different than all the other brands.  The sweatshirt was almost $40.  One day while browsing through Target she found the exact same sweatshirt on sale for $15.  She was thrilled with all that she was able to save.  If you do get stuck on buying brand names please refer to #3.

6.  Stock up.  Yep that’s right you can stock up on clothing as well as food.  I was at an outlet store a few weeks back and they had t-shirts 4 for $10.  They also had cami tanks for $2.99.  You will always wear white or at least I will, and we all know white gets dingy super fast.  Buy extra at that price and put it aside.  When that one starts showing its age you won’t even hesitate to replace it with a new fresh one.

7.  Share.  You might think I am crazy, but this works even with adults.  I don’t ever dress up, ever.  But as we all know that event does seem to happen every now and again.  There is a group of 10 of us and whenever someone needs a dress for something we send out an email and whoever has a dress or outfit to go with the occasion brings theirs and every time the person in need walks away with a dress to borrow, saving themselves time and money.

8. Ebay.  I know some of you already do this.  I never have, but my neighbor buys real trendy and extra cute clothes clothes on ebay for her kids and she gets some screaming deals. Worth checking out.

9.  Resale shops.  Not my favorite, but I have made my way in on occasion.   A few years back we went on a cruise and we needed something for 2 formal nights.  I went into a resale shop and got 2 dresses for $7.  Both were very pretty and both were very different from each other, one was even from Nordstroms.  We made so many fun purchases on that trip that I didn’t have room in my suitcase, so I just left those dresses on the ship.

10.  Make something old, new again. I am not the crafty type but my friend is.  Check out her blog HERE and see how you can spruce up what you already have.


  1. Great tips! Thanks!


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