Cheap Entertainment, Clean House & More

Are you all familiar with Groupon?  Well if you are AND if you are from the Portland area today they are offering $6 Tickets to the Curious Comedy Theater.

If there is one thing that I think you need to spend money on-MONEY 4 THIS -that is dating your spouse.  I know it’s tough at times, so when I see great deals like this I like to bring them to your attention.  Use or Entertainment Book to get your affordable meal, then buy this for you inexpensive entertainment.  Sounds like a fun night to me.

Now if you are from Las Vegas Today is 3 hours of house cleaning for $49.  Wow, do you deserve a Splurge!!! If you think you do, today is the day. Treat  yourself, this will be worth it.- you might be wondering why I know what the Las Vegas Groupon is?  Well, we did a trip there, so I signed up to watch theirs daily too.  You can do this with any city you plan to visit.  Your city not listed?  Visiting one that is soon? Bookmark the page!

Now I am just curious, let’s keep looking….

Cleveland has $20 worth of plants for $9 at Gale’s Garden Center.  Providence, RI is offering $20 worth of food for $8 at Liberty Elm Diner.

I am not going to say what it is, but I bought my husband’s Fathers Day gift on here almost 2 months ago, and I am pretty excited about what I got!!!

I am not an affiliate of Groupon, I just love what they offer for us that are trying to live on a budget and do it all.