Fred Meyer Bra Sale

Yep with a title like that I am pretty sure someone will stumble or digg this article.  Haha.

Go grab your coupon for Freddy’s right now and save a bundle as there is no limit.  The coupon is good for 7 days starting on Sunday the 18th.

I really did want to bring this to the attention to all my female readers out there.  I hate bra shopping and even more than that I hate paying for bras.  Seriously, who get’s to see it?  Why on earth would you spend $40 on a bra?  I might be alone in that, but I can’t bring myself to pay a lot of money for a bra.  I can have 3-4 bras for the price of one of theirs.  Sure the quality won’t be as good, but with that many they should last 3 times as long as they won’t get worn as much.

All right done venting.  But I do have to ask….Is a bra Money 4 This  OR  Not 4 That for you???


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  2. I am always reading about the good deals at Fred Meyer, I wish we had one here…I’m with you on the cheap bras, I can’t stand to buy the expensive ones either : )


  1. […] forget the Bra Sale going on at Fred Meyers this week.  Why do I remind you?  Because I hate paying a lot of money […]