Fred Meyers and Home Depot Ads

Today here in Portland it’s supposed to be 72.  I am going to give you a quick run down of what I am excited about, but check back as I will post more later along with the Portland Coupon Inserts for 4/18.  I am going to be spending the day outside


I told you about the reusable bag contest, I also spoke about how Fred Meyers wants to go all reusable bags.  I also asked that we all watch out for a good deal on them, well here it is.
Reusable bags 2 /$1 w/in ad coupon
All Seventh Generation 30% off
Tilamook Medium Chedder Cheese $3.99 – Great price!!
4 Single rolls Angel Soft Bath Tissues $.99 – good price, but all the coupons I have are for 6 rolls or larger


We are going back today.  As all the Bonnie 3″-5″ Herbs and Veggies are B1G1 TODAY ONLY!!  I was miss informed yesterday, they told me just herbs not Veggie plants.  That’s OK as I was going back today anyways.

All Vegetable, herb & Flower  Seed Packets are B1G1 all week long-best price

Wow, check out the ad there is so much stuff marked down today.  I see 2 things on there that I am going to go back and get a price adjustment on, the veggies I bought and

Miracle Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil was $6.77 on sale this week $4.97

I’m sorry, the sun is shining and I am outa here!!


  1. Do you know how long the packets are good for? I mean how long do they last?? (not the sale, I mean the seeds;)

  2. All seed packets have about a year “good by” date on them, but I always use my year old ones if I have any extra. I have never had a problem and I always use them up between 1 or 2 seasons, so I can’t speak from experience after that. Its such a great price I stock up. I always share mine too, so that usually makes me buy new every year.

  3. Thank you!! This is the first year I have attempted to plant anything or have even been able to plant anything and noticed your post last night so we went there today and got a few (potted ones) to try. I am excited!!

  4. That’s awesome. Be careful, gardening is addicting. I just spent the last 5 hours in my yard. Depending on where you live (it’s wet here in Portland for a few more weeks) I try not to put stuff in the ground until about Mothers Day. But I take the plants I got today and have put them in a warm but secluded area so they keep growing.

  5. Heligirl Jen says

    Howdy from Seattle. I’m so psyched I found your blog on the d-list. I’m already seeing things I can use. My kids are a little younger than yours, but I’m just as careful with the pennies. I’m signing up for your feeds girl. Thanks for the time it takes to put this all together for us!

    –Jen (