Groupon Coupons!!

I love Groupon. How many times have you heard me say that??   I just heard this week that they are expanding to more cities, so check and see if your area or one near you has been added, or if a city you might be vacationing to this summer is available.  What a great way to save money when on vacation, FOOD or entertainment.  You can see it’s all about food for me.

I just saw that today in the Portland Area the Groupon is for Wild Abandon. This is such a great restaurant to eat at.  We haven’t been there in awhile and the reason is we like to go during the summer when you can sit outside. Great atmosphere, great food.

If you haven’t been there I highly suggest you give it a try and at a 60% discount you can’t wrong.

The San Francisco Groupon is worth checking out for anyone vacationing there.  You know me, once I see one I like I start checking around to all the places I might go.  You never know what you will find.