Health Insurance Hoops

I know you often come here looking for deals or coupons or pictures of what I bought or what I broke or better yet what I want to buy this week.  After all that’s what my site is about right?

Well in the midst of all those things like happens.  Which is why I show you Tuesday Tips or share with you my Compromises that I have to make.  Even then there is more life that just keeps happening.

Today was a “Finer in Thing in Life” day.  I have been asking my insurance to pay for my back surgery, which they won’t.  I have appealed and talked with them on the phone.  Today I was given the chance to meet face to face with my insurance company to tell them my story, how life happened to me.  To share my desires to be moving again.  Did you even know you could meet face to face with your insurance???  I had no idea.

Coming up in the next few weeks I am going to be posting on my Tuesday Tips how to save money with Health insurance.  There really are tricks and hoops to jump through, and in the past I have saved myself well over $10,000 and I am hoping from the meeting today to continue saving a ton of money.

I think even if they still turn me down I feel somewhat victorious that I was even able to talk to them, to share with them.  If not for me hopefully I will start to pave the path for future patients like me that need a solution.

Don’t worry I will have more deals and coupons and bargains for you.


  1. Wow! I am so proud of you, and I don’t even know you. It can be so infuriating when the insurance companies make you jump through tons of hoops. The few road bumps that I have had with health insurance makes me really feel sorry for individuals/families who have major illness and eventually get dropped from their insurance and are left with piles of debt. I can’t wait to hear about your meeting. Good Luck!