More Ways a Garden Can Save You Big Bucks

I know I talk a lot about gardening, but I feel like if you are on a budget of any kind that this can be such a money saver.  I mean after all if you don’t get it from your garden you will go to the farmers market or the store to pick up all these goodies.  The price of a pack of seeds is equivalent to purchasing cucumbers once, or tomatoes once or lettuce once… stop me anytime.

I believe in gardening.

Let’s talk about space issues.  What if you don’t have enough space or better yet what if your best sun is in the front yard.  There are solutions for both of these.

First thing: Combine the two.  Combine your Veggies with your flowers.  Lettuce is low growing and makes for a great garden border plant, plus you can eat it and you can replant it.  You can get Bush Beans and grow your beans behind your lettuce.  Behind that you plant your beautiful plants.

Have you seen purple Kolorabi?  It is so pretty and a great accent in your flower garden.  You can place container tomatoes towards the back and surround them with seeds of low growing flowers.

I am doing the opposite this year I am turning my garden area into a more eye appealing area of my yard.  I am adding flowers to the mix.  Some flowers keep bugs away.

That is the first way to take advantage of cramped space or just chasing the sun.

The second thing you can do is grow things up.  Anything that is a vine can grow up.  Cucumbers, green beans, squash, and pumpkins.  I used my Michaels coupon and got these arches for about $5.  (Unfortunately Michaels is not selling these this year) Then I went to Home Depot and got the mesh for gardening to add on to the arches to give the plants some place to climb on.

By doing this I took a very limited space and added lots more veggies than I ever imagined, plus it was so pretty and fun.  I felt like I had my own secret garden.


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